Why listen to this mother?

Why should you listen to THIS Mother?

Why should you listen to my ramblings about pregnancy and motherhood?

I admit it, wholeheartedly; I am not a midwife, I am not a GP, I am not a paediatrician.

I have no clinical or medical background of any sort (bar a part degree in Genetic Biology).

I am an Accountant by formal qualification. This bears no useful impact on prenatal or antenatal care, except maybe if you are querying your entitlement to maternity leave and pay.

So why, therefore, do I think I have anything useful to tell you about your journey into pregnancy and motherhood?

Simple; I am a Mother!

Why Listen to this mother

I have been pregnant, twice!

I carried both of my daughters for nine months each and gave birth to them (one naturally, one by cesarean).

I may not have known what stage of development they were in at every moment. I might not have had a medical diagram of what they looked like every month, and I may not have known what type of fruit they were the same size as every week. But, I did know exactly what being pregnant felt like.

I remember every symptom I had how they affected me.

I remember what their every kick and roll in my uterus felt like. I remember how I adapted my life to accommodate my tiny passengers and I definitely remember what contractions, labour and childbirth felt like!

As I have just done the whole pregnancy thing again, I’m now working my way through life as a new mother again.

I am getting a refresher course in the things I had forgotten from the first time!

Now then, seemed like the perfect time to document everything and pass along my hard earned wisdom.

I will tell you everything, minus the BS!

You see, you may ask all the right questions, you might read all the right books (or at least you’ve purchased them and they’re sitting proudly on your bookshelf!) and you may have the best rated pregnancy apps on your phone; but all of the fantastic information contained within them will lack a certain something.

Do they contain advice on how to save yourself embarrassment from the first trimester toxic gas phase? Or what a stretch and sweep from your midwife actually feels like? What colour new-born poo is meant to be? Or what contractions and labour are like from first-hand experience?

(I will tell you now, none of those ‘baby descending down the birth canal’ pictures from my antenatal classes were of any help AT ALL during the process itself!).

I will tell you the no BS version of what’s to come, what you might expect and I will definitely keep you clued in on all the things you don’t expect (toxic gas, itchy nipples, fat fingers and melting into a dribbling moron).

If you’ve done the pregnancy thing before you will know this. First timers take note:

Life, (starting with childbirth) is about to get a whole lot less dignified for us ; pregnancy is just the start!

There is no time to be bashful here.

Ask the questions you’re too embarrassed to. Share your embarrassing stories.

We’re all going through the same thing, so we might as well go through it together!

Don’t ditch the pregnancy books!

I am not telling you to abandon all your pregnancy reading; good god no!

Read your ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, your ‘Miriam Stoppard’ and your ‘Week by Week Pregnancy Guide’. They really are filled with brilliant factual information that will be invaluable to you and your pregnancy journey.

Just find time to supplement your reading with my ramblings.

I’m like your virtual Mummy friend!

I’m like a virtual Mummy best friend. I will tell you what’s really occurring and answer all the questions you daren’t or are too embarrassed to ask your midwife or doctor.

You can find reassurance that what you’re feeling or experiencing is completely normal and find advice on the seemingly abnormal.

I might even make you laugh and brighten up a dull day (I think I’m funny, my husband disagrees).

I promise to do all of this, whilst not making you cringe, like when Linda from HR told you the story of her 48 hour labour. Or like that time Sue from Marketing depicted her and her husband’s sexual journey to conceive their miracle baby they thought would never come.

You’re not alone

Nobody should feel alone in their journey.

Sometimes all we need is a friendly voice to answer the ‘Is this normal?’ question with a ‘Yep – that’s happening to me too!’.

Sometimes knowing someone else is going through exactly the same thing is all the comfort we need to reassure us that everything will be OK.

So here I am, here with you.

Let’s do this together and have some fun and giggles along the way.

If there’s anything you want answered openly and honestly, drop me a line.

At the end of the day, if I help even one woman, even if she just needs someone to say ‘Hi’ in a dark time, I will have done what I set out to do.

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